trying to pick a wig?



tags: which one??. help. wig. cute. pink. answer.
  1. kawaikunaii answered: second!
  2. valeeka answered: 2
  3. zoehface answered: FIRST ONE - I have the second one, I had to straighten it because it was too fluffy T_T
  4. celesticxa said: Second one
  5. lionbby answered: 1
  6. asshatkatt answered: the second one is absolutely amazing
  7. faeriealice answered: First def.
  8. ilovelittlesisters said: First one is so cute <3 second one doesn’t look very flattering.
  9. trickstarbrave answered: I think the first one would go with a lot of stuff you wear.
  10. kaleido-kawaii answered: Get the second one * o*
  11. sailor-moonn answered: THE BOTTOM ONE OMG
  12. kokorokitty answered: 2
  13. pastel-cutie answered: personally i’d pick the 1st onw but i think the 2nd would suit you more. it depends what look you’re going for tho~
  14. sugarpiecrossing answered: first :)
  15. untidied answered: 1 :)
  16. annafoxe answered: I like the second one best just for the colour, it also looks more realistic!
  17. omiiohmy answered: i love the second one because it’s different. You don’t see alot of wavy hair wigs. I say #2
  18. emilymaiko said: 1st one
  19. bayergal answered: first one….but shit i like the second one too..
  20. slornax answered: the first one!
  21. hentai-dreams answered: 1
  22. myrainydaze answered: the first one!!
  23. dollybirdbroad answered: First one!
  24. aliens-exist-in-your-asshole answered: 2
  25. thegoldensnitch answered: two :3
  26. gogofu answered: 2 c:
  27. 4carrotsforyoulouisyougolouis86 answered: the first one
  28. aloegoth answered: the first one <3
  29. catslamp answered: I really like the first one.
  30. flower-cub answered: that is a tough choice! o.o i like the bottom wig a little better, i like the bangs, and the waviness.
  31. peachtitan answered: ONE ALL THE WAY, the second one looks kind of strangly
  32. riiri-chan posted this

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